American Legion Riders Chapter #347
Lady Lake, FL

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About The Riders

The American Legion Riders are active members of the American Legion Family including Legionnaires, members of the American Legion Auxiliary and members of the Sons of the American Legion. Chapter 323 participates in Parades, fundraising rides, flaglines to welcome home our Heroes and Memorial Services to lay them to rest. We have two Annual Poker Runs, are actively involved with the Patriot Guard Riders and ride in support of all of the programs of the American Legion.

We are a driving force for education of the youth of our country. To that end, our members participate in the Department of Florida’s in-state Legacy Ride which supports the American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund – a program which provides a full college scholarship to surviving children of Veterans who have died on or since September 11, 2001.

Additionally, we are actively involved in the American Legion’s Oratorical contest. The Oratorical Contest presents participants with an academic speaking challenge that teaches important leadership qualities, the history of our nation’s laws, the ability to think and speak clearly, and an understanding of the duties, responsibilities, rights and privileges of American citizenship. Winners at the local level can advance to District, Regional, State and National competitions.

Yes, we’re bikers. Yes, we wear leathers and many of us are tattooed. But we’re also proud Americans who work hard and, every day, provide service to the Community, State and Nation

For God and Country

The Riders' Creed

  1. R

    iders dedicate themselves to the success of the American Legion. I know that through my efforts I can make a diference.

  2. I

    alone am responsible for myself and to my fellow riders. I will conduct myself with the highest degree of integrity and honor.

  3. D

    eeds not words create change. I will preserve against any and all things that prevent my success. My resolve and strength will overcome all obstacles.

  4. E

    ach rider is first a member of the American Legion Family. I will actively participate in and willingly support their endeavors.

  5. R

    eadily will I join other riders in activities and events which support our missions. I will do so gladly knowing I volunteered to be an American Legion Rider.

  6. S

    uccess is the only acceptable conclusion. I will allow nothing to dissuade me or impede me from service to my Family, Community, Country and especially to our Veterans.

Meaning of Our Emblem

Sons of The American Legion Emblem


Organization Information

Currently, 106,000 American Legion Riders (ALR) meet in two thousand chapters in every domestic department and in at least three foreign countries. Riders in Iowa have formed an honor guard called The Five Star Freedom Riders, and Riders in Mulvane, Kansas, founded the Patriot Guard to protect the sanctity of military funerals from protesters. Riders in all states have escorted military units returning home from combat tours overseas, conducted massive cross-country fundraising events for wounded warriors from all services, and have raised millions of dollars for countless local, state and national charities.

The 2015 Legacy Run the total raised was a record $1,249,684.13 for The American Legion Legacy Fund, which provides college scholarships for the children of fallen military personnel who died on active duty on or since Sept. 11, 2001.

True to the Legion's grassroots tradition, each chapter manages its programs at the post level, where the best ideas are born.

The Riders are part of many projects and events, including:
- Rolling Thunder, the annual POW/MIA rally in Washington on Memorial Day weekend.
- Annual regional rides such as Operation Wounded Warrior, sponsored by Riders in Nevada, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, California and other Western states.
- Local charity events in support of The American Legion and local communities.
- Raising money for VA hospitals, women and children centers, children and youth centers, schools and other facilities.
- Sponsoring or participating in motorcycle runs to benefit numerous charities.
- Local memorial ceremonies and community parades.
- The American Legion Legacy Run, an annual cross-country fundraising ride from National Headquarters in Indianapolis to the national convention city.
- Riding to honor fallen military men and women, and to protect the sanctity of their funerals from those who would dishonor their memory.
- Escorting military units to departure airfields and airports for combat tours overseas, and welcoming them

The American Legion Legacy Run to Reno, August 2017

Every American Legion National Commander since 2006 has accompanied or led The American Legion Legacy Run each year from the organization's national headquarters in Indianapolis to the National Convention sites in Salt Lake City, Reno, Phoenix, Louisville, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Niagara Fall, Houston, Charlotte, Baltimore, and finally in Cincinnati in August 2016.

The Legacy Run will ride again in August, 2017 to Reno, Nevada for the 99th annual National Convention.  Sponsored by USAA®, The American Legion Legacy Run is one of the largest multistate, multiday cross-country motorcycle events held in the United States.  More than 500 motorcyclists and passengers are expected to participate this year.

The Legacy Run directly supports national fundraising efforts on behalf of The American Legion Legacy Scholarship.  This scholarship provides educational assistance to the children of active duty United States Active, National Guard and Reserve who were federalized and died while on active federal service on or after September 11, 2001.  In 2017, the scholarship will be expanded to include the children of post 9-11 active duty veterans with a VA-determined service disability rating of at least 50 percent.

The American Legion Riders have continued to expand local and statewide fundraising activities with "Legacy Runs" all over the United States, raising public awareness and visibility of the Legacy Scholarship and the critical needs of these children.  The Riders seek and obtain donations as well from posts, units, and squadrons and from private organizations, businesses, and individuals.  Moreover, of the total $9,584,287 raised from all sources from 2002 to 2015, approximately $5,500,000 (58 percent) was directly generated by post and department ALR programs.  Significantly, a major portion of the ALR donations are now the result of a growing number of department "state-wide" Legacy Runs planned and conducted by the departments and posts.