American Legion Veterans Memorial Post #347
Lady Lake, FL

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Office (352) 750-2099
9AM - 4PM, Mon - Fri

Lounge (352) 750-0639
12PM - closing


Volunteering is the lifeblood of our organization.  Members can help run the front office, work in the kitchen, tend the bar, help clean up and sanitize, control the lounge entrance by signing in members and guests, review scholarship applications, do buddy-checks on Veterans, and many other tasks.  We would love to have your participation and your ideas.  Contact the front office at 352-750-2099 during weekday hours, or send an email to

Community Programs Supported by Legionnaires of Post #347

The Veterans Memorial Post #347 regularly makes contributions to various community and national organizations and causes.  Our fundraising activities and our annual dues generate the funds which are used to support these worthy local and national organizations and causes.  Over the last 3 fiscal years, from July 1, 2017 through June 9, 2020 the Legion has donated over $176,000 to Veteran, community, and youth causes, broken down below.


Over the last 3 fiscal years, June 2017 - July 2020 the Legion has donated over $44,100 to Americanism causes.
The Americanism work of the Legion includes all activities that perpetuate American ideals and uphold the principles of American democracy. The security of America lies in a citizenry in whose minds and hearts is ingrained a true understanding of, and love for, those ideals and principles upon which the nation was founded; a citizenry awake to the duties of citizenship and willing to perform these duties, even at the cost of great personal sacrifice. Americanism work is largely educational in character and is usually divided into three phases: work with the youth, adults, and the community. All matters pertaining to the flag or patriotic education are rightly classified as Americanism activities.


Over the last 3 fiscal years, June 2017 - July 2020 the Legion has donated over $25,700 to Children & Youth causes.
This program is extensive. It is assisting children physically, mentally, and emotionally. We help organizations that are involved with children, such as Local Scholarships, Boy Scouts, Special Olympics, Junior ROTC, Little League, Soccer, Child Welfare Foundation, Legacy Scholarship Fund, and others.  We have the obligation to improve conditions for all children, but especially for the children of active duty military & Veterans. 


Over the last 3 fiscal years, June 2017 - July 2020 the Legion has spent over $42,700 to support the Honor Guard's activities and purchase their equipment.
The Post #347 Honor Guard's mission, as authorized by the Post Executive Committee, is to provide Military Honors for: Post #347 members, Post #347 member’s Veteran spouse, Auxiliary Unit #347 Veteran members, and Sons of The American Legion Squadron #347 Veteran members.  In addition, The Honor Guard presents our Country's colors at The Post's official events, community outreach events, parades, and other similar functions and ceremonies as requested and approved by the Honor Guard Commander.

At a military funeral The Post #347 Honor Guard takes the Military Honors to the next level, with our Honor Guard Chaplain’s prayer, a formal address by the Commander, and the presentation of a poem, and a Holy Bible/Book to the family.  Also, the folding and presentation of the American Flag to the family, followed by the three volleys of seven riflemen, and the playing of Taps, completes the Honors to our Comrade and your loved one.  The Military Honors or Memorial Service by the Post #347 Honor Guard are provided for you and your family as a Privilege and an Honor by the Post #347 Honor Guard, at no cost to you.


Over the last 3 fiscal years, June 2017 - July 2020 the Legion has donated over $17,400 to Veteran's Assistance causes.
Veteran's programs are extremely important for Post #347 to support.  These include assisting the Fisher House at both Gainesville's VA Hospital and at Orlando's VA Hospital, and to local Habitat for Humanities projects for Veterans housing.  We also contribute to state and national programs that provide aid to Veterans and their families.


Over the last 3 fiscal years, June 2017 - July 2020 the Legion has donated over $46,200 to General Funding & Donations.
There are many other local, state, and national causes and charities that receive funding from Post #347.  These include local food pantries, American Legion foundations, and more.