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The Largest Post in the World

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About The American Legion
Meaning of our Emblem


The American Legion Emblem. It is your badge of distinction, honor and service. It stands for God and Country, and the highest rights of men and women. Of its several parts, each has a meaning. “The rays of the sun that form the background stand for the principles of The American Legion—for Loyalty, Justice, Freedom and Democracy will dispel the darkness of violence, strife, and evil.“The two gold rings around the field of blue, bearing our name, typify two of our four main objectives—rehabilitation of our sick and disabled veterans, and the care for the children and youth of America. Within the rings is placed a wreath for remembrance of those who died that liberty might live. Upon the wreath is set a star reflecting the glory of victory and promising to the world the perpetuation of the cardinal principles of The American Legion.“Set upon the star are two bronze rings which represent the other two of our main objectives—a deep and abiding spirit of Americanism, and service to the community, state and nation. “The inscription demands that the wearer shall ever guard the sanctity of home, of country, of free institutions.”


Charter:   A new American Legion Post was issued by Legion National HQ on Dec 9, 1987 to Lady Lake Florida.  The Commander of the new post was Frank Gossard, a WWII veteran.  The new post Adjutant  was F. John Eggleston a veteran of WWII and the Korean War.  The new post had 21 Charter Members.  The Post began with an active Community Service Committee under the leadership of Chairman Joe Berube. The newly constructed Post Home was dedicated on July 4th, 1997. Due to the growing membership the Post was expanded again in 2003.  In 2009-2010 the Post was again expanded to its current size.  From its inception, the Post has always reached a new all time high in membership! On June 30th 2015, membership stood at 5,619, making Post 347, "the Largest Post in the World!" The current members continues to grow and is presently over 6,000 members. 


 Original Charter Signatures




Memberships Eligibility

The American Legion is the nation’s largest, most influential, effective and dependable advocate of veteran affairs. Since 1919, Legionnaires have fought for the rights of servicemen and women. Today we stand 2.7 million members Nationwide, and have over 130,000 Legionnaires from The Department of Florida.

If you have served honorably during any eligible war eras or are on active duty today, serving honorably, become a member of The American Legion, Department of Florida!

We’re veterans just like you who care about America, veterans and their families and our nation’s youth. The Legion is a powerful voice in Washington dedicated to preserving the rights we’ve all earned – and were promised – by our service to the nation we love.

The American Legion Post 347 and Department of Florida is always there for you and your family – whether it is when we lobby in Washington, D.C. or at our local American Legion Posts throughout the state of Florida. Just like you, we’re “Still Serving America!”

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