American Legion Post #347
Rules/Guidelines for the Reopening of the Post
Updated: July 22,2020




Post #347 Re-Opening Rules/Guidelines

Post #347 will be re-opening in a phased approach, starting on Friday June 12, 2020.  We thank all of our dedicated members for their patience since our abrupt closing on March 14th and want to make sure this re-opening goes as smoothly as possible.  While we are excited to re-open, at the same time we don't want to create a situation where this insidious virus has a chance to be passed from one member to another.  Consequently, we are starting out in Phase 1 with a rather restrictive set of rules and guidelines.  As we all learn more about the behavior of our members, guests, and workers, and our ability to minimize the spread of the virus, we will adapt the rules and guidelines and enter into subsequent Phases of these re-opening rules and guidelines.  If anyone has any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please send an email to: or call the front desk during weekdays at (352) 750-2099.


Phase 1 guidelines/rules:

- The Post (NOT the Lounge) is Re-OPENING AGAIN on a LIMITED BASIS as of July 16th!
     - The lounge will NOT be open.
     - NO FOOD will be available at this time, except on Tuesday evenings at the Queen of Hearts night.
- The Hall will be available for meetings, practicing social distancing and CDC cleanliness.
- The front office will be open 9AM-4PM weekdays to drop off membership renewals, etc.
- Queen of Hearts drawings will begin again on July 21st and subsequent Tuesdays.
     - Tickets can be purchased in the main lobby (double doors) noon-4PM weekdays; and on Tuesdays noon-6:30pm.
     - Starting Tuesday July 28th a limited menu will be offered from the kitchen consisting of Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, ChickenTenders.